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Employees are Distracted from Work Every 10 Minutes

The culprit: Email fixation

When was the last time you checked email? An hour, two – or a couple of minutes ago? According to statistics from Business Insider, more than a third of Americans regularly check email throughout the day. According to an AOL survey, 47 percent of respondents admitted that they feel the need to check mail constantly; 25 percent cannot do without it for more than three days, 60 percent check mail on vacation and 59 percent even in the toilet.

According to a massive study by McKinsey, on average, employees are distracted from work every 10 minutes (this is 56 times a day). It takes about 25 minutes to concentrate on the task again fully. Thus, on average, about 2 hours spent on the recovery of concentration accumulates in a day. And regular mail checking is one of the main distractions. During the study, working in the office, scientists found that 70% of e-mail recipients responded within six seconds after receiving, and 85% within 2 minutes. After checking the mail, they needed 64 seconds to get together and return to the working mode. According to the McKinsey Global Institute analysis:

  • On average, 28 percent of work time is spent on email.
  • We check email on average 11 times per hour.
  • Eighty-four percent keep email open in the background while working.
  • Sixty-four percent use notifications to learn about new letters.
  • Seventy percent of all received letters open within the first six seconds after receipt.

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