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The Hard Truth About Working for Someone Else

It can teach you valuable lessons - when you allow it to do so

For most entrepreneurs, one of the worst things that could ever happen is you having to working for someone else. If you are an entrepreneur who has been in the private/public sector as an employee, you know that emotional state that eats at you everyday like a maggot to a piece of flesh. I just finished a day of feeling like that, being on my feet non-stop for 7.5 hours, draining my body and wasting my time and energy for measly pay, and, worst of all, on someone else's dream.

If you have read my previous articles you know the back story of why I am in this debacle. From entrepreneur to employee, this has been the lowest point for both my personal and professional lives. Despite being hit with this obstacle, however, I have learnt many lessons in what has become the perfect oxymoron. This is some of what I have been taught:

Never Say Never

Less than six months ago, I was the co-founder and VP of marketing & locations for a fast-growing restaurant chain in NYC. My entrepreneurial career was on a high, and the future was looking very bright. However, since that time, we have had to put lid on the business, and my life took a complete 360. 

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