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How Plantains Highlight the Layered Nature of Leadership

How this fruit can serve as a lens to examine an association's leadership facets

On a typical Sunday, the aroma of congrí (black beans and rice) and lechon (roasted pig) wafted through my home, with yuca boiling gently on the stove. It was time for our big family supper. Then came the decision that always stumped me: should I use the plátanos (plantains) to treat my family to maduros (sweet fried plantains) or tostones (fried green plantains)?

As I deliberated how to transform the plátanos, it dawned on me how this resonated with my own leadership journey. Choosing between maduros and tostones paralleled the decisions and pathways we often face in our roles as leaders. Both dishes, emerging from the same core ingredient, yet so distinct in taste and texture, reflected the diverse routes and outcomes in leadership.

That Sunday, the plátanos represented more than a delicious dish. They epitomized evolution, choices and the multifaceted nature of leadership. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, here’s a look at how plátanos help illustrate the complexity of association leadership.

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