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Why Cybersecurity Should Be Every Association’s Top Priority

Attacks are on the rise

In March 2023, the American Bar Association (ABA) experienced a cybersecurity incident where hackers gained access to older credentials affecting approximately 1.46 million members. 

This is not an isolated incident. In fact, we hear more and more about associations getting breached, their data compromised and the trust of their members shaken. This is a phenomenon that has been observed with increasing frequency, revealing a shift from viewing cybersecurity as merely a technical issue to recognising it as a core component of association management.

Associations, rich with extensive networks and sensitive information, are becoming targets. The data managed—ranging from personal contact details to professional histories and financial information—is highly valuable to cybercriminals. The consequences of an attack extend beyond immediate financial loss to long-term reputation damage, which can be particularly devastating for organizations built on trust.

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